A Child of the Sixties, desperately holding on to the dreams of that generation… the girl whole stole his heart and the songwriter who touched his soul. These three are drawn together as they become reluctant fugitives… but from whom? The deaths of his friends, the gay cell of the CIA, twenty two British Scientists meeting with fatal accidents… The Royal Family’s own Secret Service a schizophrenic cockney knight and whole countries being run by organised crime… This jigsaw eventually forms a frightening picture… but have the pieces been put together correctly?

This contemporary thriller is integrated with a download link containing 14 songs and necessary to the full appreciation of the novel. The songs drive the narrative or is it the other way around? (Click here for the Soundtrack)

…the soft source-less light found only in the back rat-runs and alleyways of the capital. An ethereal translucent wash…In London only the more secretive parts of the city seem to cradle it.

The Pioneering, Paranoia, Califonian Thriller.

Sunday Times

Raymond Chandleresque.

BBC Breakfast Radio

A wonderful, scintillating package, in which words and music, speak to the heart and mind about the importance of truth and of love and of honesty.

Lionel Fanthorpe – BBC TV – The Slate

Three parts ‘Big Sleep’ to two parts ‘Wilt’.



Irvin Kershner – Director – Star Wars Empire Strikes Back

It’s getting rave reviews.

Daily Star

Like tasting a particularly nice fruit, and smelling it at the same time.

Lionel Fanthorpe – BBC TV – The Slate

A battered Mustang left the track and headed for the city leaving in its wake the smell of bourbon and the sounds of Neil Young and Crazy Horse



David Lake is a pen-name. He was born in Wales and lives near London with his family, but has spent time in the States and Europe.

Lake’s incarnations include Scientific Research and the Record Industry.

He was the Marketing Manager for Virgin Records in the 70’s as well as running his own label. He was responsible for persuading the C of E to allow the first [and last!] rock group to perform in their Cathedrals [Coventry, Liverpool and York Minster]. He promoted these Tangerine Dream concerts and BBC2 broadcasted Tony Palmer’s film of the Coventry Cathedral concert. He also promoted Vangelis at the Albert Hall.

Lake also owned and managed a number of ‘ Rock’ clubs in the 70’s.

It was still. So still the faint breath of earth could scarcely rise. Pale white on pale sand….In the imagined shadows of the rock, the pale grew darker and the light less.


Paul started his musical career in the late 60s playing piano and keyboards for blues and soul bands music. He subsequently toured the world in the bands of ALEXIS KORNER, ERIC BURDON, with blues men like LOUISIANA RED, PETER THORUP, and folk legend BERT JANSCH.

In the mid 70s his first solo album of own songs was released on Phillips/Phonogram, and in 1979 a trip to Germany to record a soundtrack of original songs for a German feature film, brought recognition and a reputation in Europe.

His singing voice has been compared to the likes of Ray Charles, Joe Cocker and Tom Waits, a winning combination with his bluesy piano style.

If there is any justice in the musical world, he would be filling the biggest halls in the land


A singer- pianist- composer to make Elton John shiver in his shoes – a fusion of jazz and blues, a voice burning with emotion


A charismatic performer